Arcee #265 Legendary LE2000pcs

PRE-ORDER [Estimated Arrival in Q4 2024] Funko POP! Digital Transformers Series 2 – Arcee #265 Legendary LE2000pcs

Dive into the exciting world of Transformers with the exclusive Funko POP! Digital (physical redemption) featuring Arcee, the skilled Autobot warrior, and is limited to only 2000 pieces. This highly anticipated physical redemption Funko POP! captures Arcee in her iconic, vibrant design, ready to bring the dynamic essence of Transformers into your Funko POP! collection. However, it’s important to note that this unique piece is a pre-order item with a special twist – this physical redemption Funko POP! figure does not ship until sometime in Q4 of 2024.

Please be aware that purchasing this physical redemption Funko POP! means you are securing your very own piece of Transformers history, but patience is key. The physical Funko POP! figure of Arcee will only be shipped to you in the last quarter of 2024. This timeline is one that is also published on the website, and FunkoBros does not have any control over when droppp/Funko starts shipping this item.

We understand the anticipation and excitement that comes with adding such a distinctive piece to your collection. However, we advise only proceeding with this purchase if you are comfortable with the waiting period. This exclusive offer is perfect for the true Transformers fan who values rarity and exclusivity, understanding the worth of waiting for this exceptional piece.Thank you for your understanding and for being a valued member of the Transformers and Funko POP! community. Secure your redeemable Funko POP!  of Arcee today, and get ready to welcome a piece of Autobot bravery into your home – in due time.



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The Vaulted Vinyl Guardian

Included with every 4 Inch Funko POP!

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customer reviews


The Funkobros are absolutely amazing. The packaging from them is immaculate and the effort they put into making sure every order is protected is amazing. Does it take a bit to take apart the bubble wrap? Yes, it can, but who cares! The items are so well packed that you can be rest assured it arrives mint. The fact that they include Vaulted Vinyl protectors with all 4inch pops is an amazing bonus. Overall, I highly recommend purchasing from them. You will not regret it.


I’ll be purchasing from these guys again! Bought a Red Hood black light funko and I have never seen a retailer ship a funko with such protection. Like seriously, they ship better than funko themselves. You can tell they care about their customers and their products. Pic attached of the stellar shipping! This is going to become my one stop shop for Funkos!


Hands down best around! Of all the shops Iv ordered from FunkoBros blows them all away. Each order placed has been shipped with excellent care and wrapped beautifully. The amount of bubble wrap is insane but well worth the hassle of unwrapping to know your orders are always safe and sound for the trip, and the topper they use vaulted vinyl protectors as well!! Can’t forget the airdrop tokens as well which gives you a chance at winning some cool prizes!


Caring..absolutely caring about the customer and it shows from top to bottom!! The packaging and shipping was better than any I've ever seen,the mint condition was impeccable 👌 the customer service is unbeatable! Even tossed in something extra for my brother and I..simply because it was his birthday..really,who does that? I'll tell you, The Funko Bros. Do!!! If you are serious about your collectibles and wanna feel like what you want matters the only and I mean ONLY choice is The Funko Bros. ..P.S. Vaulted Vinyl protectors and air drops on the Pop when shipped..Yes sir I'll be back!!

-The BrosKnow Newsletter-