Glow In The Dark


Edition of 250.

The Collectable

Spyro returns to Youtooz in his cutest form, with an absolute plethora of amazing colour variants! Sat at 3.5 inches tall with his legs kicked forward lazily, his huge cute eyes stare up at you adorably from a fluorescent green face and body. Perfect for displaying your emotions, this cutie is ideal for keeping your spirits high the whole way through the night!

ONLY 250pc!!

The Cook

Walt & Jesse

The Collectible

“We’ll kill 'em dead, that’s a guarantee!’

Walt and Jesse have returned to Youtooz to ‘fumigate’ the building! Sitting at 4.4 inches tall on a brown couch and enjoying a well deserved beer after a hard day's work, a bowl of orange chips sits between them and is backed by the colourful throw rug. Wearing full length bright yellow fumigation jumpsuits from their wrists down to their toes, they’ve pulled their visored pink yellow and black masks from their faces revealing stern, exhausted looks.

  • Richie Rich

    Richie Rich stands at 4.3 inches tall, obviously loaded with money. In his right hand he holds a green cash bag with a yellow money sign in the center while his left hand is stretched upwards holding a stack of cash.

    Money is the best invention ever!!! 
  • Chuckie Finster

    Standing at 4.8 inches, Chuckie Finster makes his debut at Youtooz! He is fitted in his teal shirt that has a pink collar and pink arm bands. The center of the shirt is a yellow planet with a red ring that goes around.

    The world is my toaster!! 
  • The Scientist

    The world of Rust is scattered with the enigmatic figures known as "scientists." They appear to be protecting installations, gathering data, doing experiments, and may have other, darker intentions...

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